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Afterschool Programs at HPFS

We believe in providing a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond regular school hours. Our diverse range of afterschool programs offers opportunities for students to engage in enriching activities and explore their interests. Discover the exciting options available for your child at HPFS.

Afterschool Program Offerings

Child laying in a ball pit

Growing the Distance After School Care

In partnership with Growing the Distance, we offer an onsite aftercare program five days a week from 3-6pm. 

Children huddled up during a co-ed flag football game

Competitive Co-Ed Sports

Students can participate in our competitive co-ed sports program, fostering teamwork, skill development, and a passion for athletics. 

Grade: 4th–8th grade 

Children putting together a robot


For budding engineers and tech enthusiasts, our Robotics Team offers hands-on experience in building and programming robots for competitions. 

Grade: 3rd-8th grade

Le Petit Ballet Class

Soccer Shots and Le Petit Ballet

Our youngest students can participate in co-ed classes such as Soccer Shots and Le Petit Ballet. These classes take place weekly from 3-4pm, offering opportunities for physical activity and creative movement. Sign-ups take place every August and January.

Grade: 3 year olds to 2nd grade