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We believe in providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond the traditional curriculum. Our robust arts program offers a range of opportunities for students to explore their creativity, develop essential skills, and showcase their talents. Discover the artistic journey our students embark on at HPFS.

Visual Arts Program

Our visual arts program is led by Jessica Beaumont, a SCAD Graduate and professional artist. Students in grades K-8th enjoy visual arts classes twice a week, while our youngest students engage in art regularly as part of their early school education. 

Child getting a face painting


Building a Solid Foundation

Our visual arts curriculum focuses on fundamental principles such as shape, color, composition, and technique. Students develop their drawing skills and delve into the fundamentals of design. They work with various materials, including pencil, colored pencil, paint, clay, plaster, recycled materials, and digital mediums.

Annual Artapalooza

Each spring, we host "Artapalooza," an exhibition showcasing student artwork for parents and community members to enjoy. Experience the creativity and talent of our students through our past Artapalooza projects.  

Watch the 2023 Artapalooza video

Music Program


students singing in a choir


Weekly Music Classes

We offer weekly music classes for students in grades K-8th. These classes focus on music fundamentals, appreciation of different cultural music traditions, and basic vocal music elements. 

Progress and Participation

As students progress through the curriculum, they have the opportunity to participate in choir, read musical scores, and perform vocal pieces.

Engaging Performances

Our music program includes a holiday performance (Cocoa & Caroling) and a spring performing arts event, providing students with a platform to showcase their musical talents. 

High Point Friends Meeting Choir

Students who are interested may also participate in the High Point Friends Meeting choir, further expanding their musical horizons.