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Middle School at High Point Friends

Middle School encompasses 5th – 8th Grade and offers a dynamic and challenging educational experience. With an emphasis on creative problem-solving, collaborative learning and service learning, our Middle School students take on leadership roles, have more off campus experiences, and develop essential skills for their academic and personal growth.

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Holistic Approach to Education

Middle School students continue to receive a well-rounded education that addresses the whole child. Our rigorous academic program is complemented by enrichment classes and a weekly seminar led by our Director of Student Life, focusing on social-emotional issues and relationship management.
Daily Classes
Middle School students enjoy daily classes in:
  • English Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Spanish

Our students also take weekly or twice-weekly classes in:

  • Art
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Music
  • STEM Lab (Robotics, science, environmental studies experiments
  • Quaker Studies
  • Seminar in Leadership & Relationships

Discover Our Programs

Spanish Language & Culture

We prioritize language development and cultural understanding in our Middle School program. Students have daily Spanish language and culture classes, allowing them to enhance their fluency before transitioning to high school.

Dedicated STEM Labs and Robotics

Students have access to STEM labs for engaging Science and Math lessons. Robotics units allow students to explore and develop their problem-solving and technological skills including programming. Our outdoor classroom provides opportunities for hands-on environmental studies lessons. With a focus on problem-solving, students engage in experimentation, creating hypotheses, conducting tests, and presenting their findings throughout the year.

Our STEM Program

Cultivating Global Citizens

Cultural competence skills are interwoven into all aspects of our Middle School curriculum. Service-learning projects and discussions of global issues are part of our Quaker Studies weekly seminar and other classes. Middle school students connect with other overseas Friends schools and make global connections.

Our Culture

Quaker Studies

Quaker Studies focuses on spiritual development and ethic that are compatible with other religious beliefs, including those who may come from no faith tradition. Our approach centers around the SPICES, which are core values guiding Friends communities. Students also learn about the history of Quakers in NC and the world, and how they embraced the “inner light” or “that of God” in everyone. This curriculum calls us to practice our values in all that we do, at school, at home, and in the larger world.

Middle School Schedule

Middle School runs from 8:10am - 3:15pm. Afterschool activities are also offered most days until 5:30pm, providing students with additional opportunities for growth and exploration. Afterschool care is available on campus until 6:00pm through Growing the Distance.

Affordable, Quality Private Education

For detailed information about tuition for our Lower School Program, visit our tuition information page.