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What Sets Us Apart?

We're a private school with a public purpose! What sets us apart is our amazing learning community where difference is welcomed and viewed as an advantage in everyone’s education.

We believe in learning through inquiry, reflection, and exploring a wide variety of perspectives and ideas. We're insistent on listening respectfully and resolving conflicts peacefully and compassionately. Whether you come from a different region, religion, or culture, you are always welcome here.

We're one of the 76 Friends schools in the USA, and we're proud members of the Friends Council on Education and NCAIS and are accredited by SAIS.

Facts about Quakers and High Point Friends

  • Our alumni have gone to do amazing things in law, non-profits, science/tech, education, and the arts.

  • Quakers practice peace-making and were among the earliest abolitionists, helping to build the Underground Railroad in this region.

  • High Point Friends Meeting was active in the fight for civil rights in the 1960s, and our school was created as an intentional space for all children to learn together.
Children at church
Students learning at a museum during a field trip


Enrichment Programs

We believe in creating an environment where every student is welcomed, valued and included. Our commitment to welcoming broadly and fostering an inclusive community is what makes our school truly special. To this end, we offer a wide range of during and afterschool enrichment activities that cater to the variety of interests of our students.

  • After-school opportunities
    • Competitive co-ed sports (Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, Soccer)
    • Onsite rock climbing lessons (K-8th Grade)
    • Robotics Team (5th-8th Grade)

  • Seasonal cultural enrichment activities during the school day

  • Regular field trips for students to museums, cultural events, environmental studies sites, and historical locations using our own buses

  • Year-end middle-school overnight trips to exciting destinations (Washington DC, Coastal Carolina, Appalachian Mountains/River ecology)

Spanish Program

We recognize the importance of early language acquisition and offer a comprehensive Spanish language program in the middle school. Our Spanish program is designed to build a strong foundation for foreign language development, preparing our students for higher-level Spanish classes in high school and beyond. 

Daily Spanish | Middle School


STEM Education

Our program fosters hands-on learning and ignites a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math at all age levels. 

Robotics & Coding Courses | Lower School & Middle School 

Dedicated Math & Science Labs 

Outdoor Gardening & Environmental Studies | Lower & Middle School 

Singapore Style Math Curriculum 

After School Robotics Team | Middle School