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Welcome to HPFS Summer Camps!

Join us for a summer filled with excitement and fun at HPFS Summer Camps! Our week-long themed camps are open to both our families and the HP community. Whether you choose to sign up for one, three, or all of them, your child is guaranteed a fantastic time! Don't miss out on the best summer ever! Sign up for HPFS Summer Camps and create unforgettable memories for your child.


Themed Summer Camps

Our summer camps cater to toddlers through first graders, ensuring age-appropriate activities and a nurturing environment. With small class sizes and experienced teachers, your child will receive personalized attention while engaging in a variety of enjoyable and educational activities. Rest assured, our summer camps reflect the same Friends ethos that defines our school community.

children making crafts during summer camp
Co-ed basketball game


Sports & Arts Camps

Each summer we offer weeklong camps for our older students including basketball, cheer and arts camps. These continue our small class size and hands-on learning focus with opportunities to learn new skills!

2024 Summer Camps

Details for 2024 Summer Camps will be released in March/April.